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You have no way of know this, but one of the main characters in the forever-in-the-works Dumb Guys graphic novel is a blogger.  Apparently he is quite good at it, because that is his job.  It could happen, right?  Surely there are a few people that eke out an existence solely on the basis of their blog.

Whatever.  It’s a comic book.

In any case, as one of the writers of The Dumb Guys, I thought in order to contribute to the very sparse content of the website (more stuff is coming, I promise!) that I would provide some excerpts from Tommy’s blog.

On that brief introduction, I present to you Tommy’s first blog post.


During the Second World War, they stopped making alarm clocks.  Really.  In all honestly, though, it wasn’t just alarm clocks – they stopped making just about everything except guns and bombs.  And tanks.  And planes.  And… well, they kept making things for blowing things up and killing people, but stopped making everything else.  For two years, no alarm clocks were made in the United States of America.  By the end of those two years, there was such a shortage of clocks that factory production vital to maintaining the war effort was suffering because factory workers were oversleeping.  Their old clocks would break and there were no replacements.  What I wouldn’t give for a shortage of alarm clocks.  Being awake before noon is inhumane.